Food and Wine Insider

Approaching one million streams per month, Food and Wine Radio is all about better managing any business involving food and wines. Invited leaders of the world’s culinary and wine industries share the secrets of their success with listeners.

Food and Wine Insider’s co-hosts are Ann Daw, former President of the Specialty Food Association. Her co-host is Don Mazzella, award-winning journalist and nationally respected pundit heard each month on numerous news radio and television outlets across the nation.

Each week successful restauranteurs, food mavens, winery vintners, store owners, food suppliers reveal in frank, give-and-take sessions talk about the business of bringing healthy and pleasurable foods and wines to others.

Every Wednesday for one hour during prime-time commuter time across the nation and repeated at 1pm Eastern on Saturday listeners hear the latest in trends, opportunities, and experts on food and wine.

Besides the radio markets listed below, the program is carried on iHeartRadio as well as on the Internet at Rebroadcast of the shows is also on Roku TV.

Over-the-Air Radio Markets

Las Vegas, NV* AM 1520FM 99.5
Milwaukee, WI* FM 90.3
Pittsburgh, PA FM 94.7
Tampa, FL*AM 1630FM 92.1
Lancaster, PAAM 1640FM 102.1
Boulder, CO FM 96.3
Long Beach, CA* FM 101.5
Macon, GAAM 810FM 87.9
Newport Richie, FL  FM 88.3
The Villages, FL AM 640 

* In Top 50 markets in the U.S. (half of the markets are in the top 50 in the country).

Shows are archived at and links to guests’ websites are provided.

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